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Nightbreed (1990) August 2, 2006

Posted by Jinx in Horror, Movies.

I want one

Dir. Clive Barker

Starring Craig Sheffer, David Cronenberg, Anne Bobby, Doug Bradley

It’s too bad Clive Barker doesn’t get an epic movie made of one of his equally epic dark-fantasy novels. In the movie world he’s best known (usually only known) for Hellraiser, which has deteriorated into a slum of direct-to-dvd trash with little or nothing to do with Barker. This movie gives us a glimpse of what may be possible from a larger scale Barker movie.

Nightbreed is based on the book Cabal, and tells the story of the hopelessly 80’s-style, big-haired, leather-jacketed Boone, who has weird dreams that he can’t really recall. He undergoes hypnotherapy sessions with his psychiatrist (played by an eerie Cronenberg), who tells him Boones dreams of murder may be real.

Boone has a run-in with the law and gets killed. But death is not the end for one of the Nightbreed – the old tribes of species living parallel to humans, hidden from the world, and hunted throughout the ages. Enter the freakshow! As Boone reaches the underground city of Midian, we’re introduced to his kin – a gallery of weirdness straight from Barker’s imagination. There are sidesteps and twists in the story, but the movie keeps the core storyline in a tight grip. There is a natural connection formed with Boone as he learns who he is. The world feels a bit cramped at times, as the sets are just too small to be epic, but it does what it can to suspend the viewers disbelief. The effects are gory, but not out of context, it is in no way a splatter-movie. Well.. maybe a little. It does have plenty of black humour and it knows it’s being silly at times.

I like this movie. It’s in no way a masterpiece, but it’s funny, creepy, and has an unforced feel to it. And Cronenberg is kick-ass (even if he’s just staring blankly most of the time).

This is His review, you can read Her review here.

Keywords: Monsters, Role-reversal


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