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Lady in the Water (2006) August 5, 2006

Posted by Jinx in Drama, Movies, Mystery, Thriller.

Insert gratuitous water joke here

Dir. M. Night Shyamalan

Starring Paul Giamatti, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeffrey Wright, Cindy Cheung etc.

What is it with Shyamalan that brings out the Siegel in every reviewer in the world? “Muddy Water“, “A Narf is a Narf, already!“, “Shyamalan’s Lady doesn’t hold water“, “Is Lady in the Water a floater?“, and enough similar passes on drowning to make you cough up seaweed. I bet people sat around thinking up “ironically applicable” titles for their reviews the minute this movie started production.

Well, I’m just gonna review this movie, ok? No agenda, no golden shower jokes.

Lady in the Water is the story of a superintendent (Giamatti) who has pretty much given up on himself. The apartment building where he works has a host of interesting characters, much like any place would, and it feels very familiar. It’s a well-defined slice of everyday life. One night he gets a visitor, the mysterious midnight pool intruder Story (Howard), who rekindles something inside him. He regains some of his lost sense of wonder, as he investigates who she could be and what the heck she’s doing in his apartment wearing nothing but one of his shirts.

This movie is Shyamalan spoofing himself in various ways, and it’s fun. If you enjoy movies, the way stories unfold in patterns and turns, you’ll probably enjoy this one. It’s a lot more mundane than his previous films, it’s as if there’s a big budget movie played out within a low budget one. I won’t mention anything about the ending. Is there a twist? Watch it and see. If you can watch a rom-com knowing exactly what’s gonna happen and like it, you can certainly watch a movie where you have no clue, and not feel too cheated.

This is His review, you can read Her review here

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1. The Great Swifty Speaketh! - August 8, 2006

Swifty Reviews ‘Lady In The Water’

The following factors may help you enjoy Lady In The Water more:

Do NOT read a single coverage of the film’s troubled production. The less you know, the better.
Do NOT have any expectations at all. (but this is common sense)
You are a hardcore M…

2. Gallivanter - August 9, 2006

He’s trying too hard to emulate Alfred Hitchcock. Though the movie was strangely captivating, it was terribly incoherent….

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