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Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997) – His Review August 13, 2006

Posted by Jinx in Comedy, Drama, Movies, Mystery.

She was weighing her options

Dir. Clint Eastwood

Starring John Cusack, Kevin Spacey, Jude Law, Alison Eastwood

Going in, I had this movie pegged as a dirty south noir thriller, exposing some sort of old truth about people. An antithesis to Gone With the Wind if you will. Gritty, templated, and.. well.. probably boring.

Boy was I wrong.

It’s kind of fun seeing a movie with absolutely nothing to go on but the movie poster, isn’t it? Anyways, this is more in the vein of a Coen brothers comedy, where the subtle and traditional get brushed off and displayed alongside the bizarre and spectacular, without any preferential treatment.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil tells the tale of freelance reporter John Kelso, who gets a gig in Savannah, Georgia to cover an exclusive christmas party for the magazine Town & Country. The scoop quickly derails when the host of the party, eccentric millionaire Lex Luthor, shoots and kills Alfie (none too soon).

Kelso sticks around though, and turns private investigator as he interviews the people around the area, finding just as much oddities as clues. The whole movie feels very laid back and comfortable, perhaps a southern touch. And all of it is entertaining, if not outright hilarious. Now, IMDb doesn’t list it as a comedy, and you may have to be of a certain disposition to find it funny, but that could be said of an Adam Sandler movie as well. The laughs are there if you manage to connect to the warm, pulsating core of it. The suspense is mostly missing, the crime mystery is secondary to the rest of the story, even though everything is centered around it. It adds a bit of realism to this half-true story, since in real life things aren’t resolved in the third act.

This is His review, you can read Her review here

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1. 4eyes - His and Her movie reviews » Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997) - Her Review - August 13, 2006

[…] This is Her review, you can read His review here […]

2. terminallycute - August 13, 2006

Ah! This is one of my all time favourite movies, and has been since it’s release. The book is fantastic too, and of course is much more detailed.

The movie is a delicious piece of eye candy for those of us in love with the graciousness and beauty of the deep South. While I agree with you that “Midnight” does crime drama with a comedic twist, I feel that the film is also more character driven than what you might expect from this particular genre.

Great reviews, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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