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If Only (2004) – His Review August 21, 2006

Posted by Jinx in Drama, Movies, Romance.

If only briefly

Dir. Gil junger
Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Paul Nicholls etc.

If Only is an emotional drama-based spin on the “another chance” scenario of Groundhog Day, slightly similar to Sliding Doors if you know that one. It tells the tale of London-dwelling couple Samantha and Ian, and their angst and trials that come to a head with Samantha’s sudden demise. The clock turns back, and Ian awakes the day before – remembering everything.

It’s not a very cheerful story, let me make that perfectly clear. It’s also quite predictable and slow with only a few moments where it picks up in pace. There is a feeling of impending doom, captured quite well, running through the movie. It’s not so much in the storyline as in the faces of the actors, to their credit. The use of sound and lack of sound is also excellent in the dramatic scenes, adding much to the results.

I really see no point in watching this alone unless you’re a glutton for punishment (or maybe a woman), it’s a well put together effort to grind water out of stones.

This is Hisreview, you can read Her review here

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[…] This is Her review, you can read His review here […]

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