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Undercover Blues (1993) – His Review August 27, 2006

Posted by Jinx in Comedy, Movies.

Can you say plastic explosives?Dir. Herbert Ross

Starring Kathleen Turner, Dennis Quaid, Stanley Tucci, etc

A family of spies, sans Bradgelina and Spy Kids.

It’s hard to explain Undercover Blues, it has such an aloof feeling, and never quite takes itself seriously. The exploits of spy couple Jane and Jefferson Blue (Turner & Quaid) defy the laws of physics, and the rules of child rearing. I can imagine some “better-than-good christians” being appalled by some of the gags, but really, this is as family-friendly as it gets in my opinion. There’s something disarming about it. Every character and event in the movie seems put there just to make you laugh, including the “straight men”. And the plot is actually not out of any mold, even if it has some spoof-like connections to things you may have seen before.

For some reason this movie seems to have vanished from the mainstream consciousness. I remember it being quite popular as a rental, but I guess word-of-mouth back then didn’t pack the same punch as it does today. Can you say “viral marketing”? If you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth a watch, heck even a dvd purchase. It’s as much an adult comedy as it can be enjoyed by the kids for pure slapstick. Everyone takes their character over-the-top, and is at his funniest by far.

This is His review, you can read Her review here

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1. Undercover Blues (1993) - Her Review « 4eyes - His and Her movie reviews - August 27, 2006

[…] This is Her review, you can read His review here […]

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