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The Lake House (2006) – Her Review August 30, 2006

Posted by Eury in Drama, Movies, Romance.

You've got Mail!

Dir. Alejandro Agresti

Starring Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves, Christopher Plummer

Kate Forster (Sandra Bullock) moving on with her life and moving to the big city, leaves a note in the mailbox of her house on the lake for the next tenant so they can forward her mail. Alex Wyler (Keanu Reeves) writes her back and says she must be mistaken since the lake house he just has moved into hasn’t been inhabited for years. They soon come to realize that the confusion is simply because she’s living in 2006 and he’s living in 2004. They exchange notes via the magical mailbox. I loved this part of the movie, it was fun and exciting and I was spellbound.

They continue to write notes to each other and soon fall in love. Is there a way for them to be together? Can they somehow arrange to meet in his future.. and her tomorrow? Two years is a long time, but can they do it? Is it possible? We follow their journey and wish wholeheartedly that they get together, as destiny seems to want them to be… otherwise why would this wonderfully impossible relationship be happening?

Some people may look at this movie and be too analytical and try to figure out the science of time travel etc., and I think this is exactly what you shouldn’t do. You must really just suspend your disbelief and let yourself be absorbed into these extraordinary events. Many couples have hindrances in their relationships… so if these two can get together through the distance of time, other obstacles such as geography suddenly seem small and leave us all with hope.

I’ve often looked at Sandra Bullock as the girl next door, very likeable but usually have not been able to feel her having much chemistry with her leading men in other movies. She’s usually strong, comical and much louder. In ‘the Lake House‘ she is very soft and I could feel her having chemistry with the (perhaps a little wooden) Reeves. Yes, he is a bit stoic but there are guys like that and that doesn’t mean they aren’t feeling anything beneath the skin, so I liked him also.

I genuinely liked this movie quite a bit. I laughed, I smiled and yeah, maybe I cried a little too… throw away your logical side and let yourself flow with the magic that exists in this universe.

This is Her review, you can read His review here

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