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Pi (1998) – Her Review September 10, 2006

Posted by Eury in Movies, Sci-Fi, Thriller.

NUMB3RS - We all use math everyday

Dir. Darren Aronofsky
Starring Sean Gullette, Mark Margolis

Max is a brilliant mathematician that believes that the everything in the universe has an underlying order, be it the immensity of the spirals of the galaxies or the infinitesimal patterns found in our very own DNA. Because the stock market chucks out so many numbers every day, Max uses it to test his theory. He could care less about becoming rich… he is simply obsessed (and practically possessed) and needs to find the answer.

In his search for the answer, he comes across a 216 digit number that seems to be the portal to some universal truth, but the number dies on his computer almost as soon as he sees it.

Besides being plagued by trying to find the universal code for everything that exists, Max, after looking at the sun when he was a child, has such tremendously painful migraines, that the shakes and sweats he gets are only the beginning. He must take a truckload of medication to even control the pain . They are so painful that he often hallucinates and becomes very paranoid. Throughout the film there are people seemingly out to get him, following him. We see these people through his eyes and we have a hard time figuring out … are they real? or are they part of his crazy schizophrenic delusions?

This movie impressed me in several ways. Lets start with the black and whiteness of the movie. This is not your regular b/w film. It’s very constrasty and grainy. It is quite jarring and with bright flashes of light. It helps immerse us into Max’s brain and makes us feel like we are seeing through his eyes. Then there is the music. I’m not an expert but this type of electronic music seemed so perfectly fitted to the experience we are having. How better to bring us into Max’s world where has built a home-made super-computer which he uses to conglomerate all the equations that he has revolving in his brain. The computer is like him…. the closer he gets to the answer, the more the headaches and panic make him crash just like his comp does when it seemingly cannot deal with the ultimate answer to all life. There is also the effect of the music being thrown from one ear to the other.. it makes us feel very off-balance and wary. The combination with the fidgety camera made me feel very much in his shoes.

The more Max searches for the answer, the harsher his migraines become… but it’s an addiction; he can’t help himself and we can see why… we are just as intrigued and want to find out too.

Clever, bold and edgy, Pi is an amazing piece of work.

This is Her review, you can read His review here

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