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A History of Violence (2005) – His Review November 26, 2006

Posted by Jinx in Action, Drama, Movies, Thriller.


Dir. David Cronenberg

Starring Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello, Ed Harris, Ashton Holmes, William Hurt etc.

The name Cronenberg should mean something to most people. To me he’s “not the weird guy who made Twin Peaks, the other one”. Call me uninvolved, but I’m not really a fan.

A History of Violence is a good start to making me one. It’s intense in it’s stillness, and very much seething with the titular violence. Homely small town diner-owner Tom Stall (Mortensen) takes on the forces of darkness from his own past, while trying to keep his family out of harms way. It’s all written and played very small, with bursts of plot/character development/action. This makes the whole experience come together as one entity, with nothing to detract or disorient.

Acting – superb. Photo – perfect fit. Movie – fantastic. I can’t see any reason not to see this movie, unless you’re a whore of Satan. You’re not a whore of Satan are you?

This is His review, you can read Her review here.

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A History of Violence (2005) – Her Review November 26, 2006

Posted by Eury in Action, Drama, Movies, Thriller.

Hey, look it's Aragorn

Dir. David Cronenberg

Starring Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello, Ed Harris, Ashton Holmes, William Hurt etc.

I was a little apprehensive before seeing this movie.. first because it was by David Cronenberg (yes, he’s Canadian… but still, not everybody’s cup of tea). He’s known particularly for being off-beat, unique and a little crazy. I was also a bit hesitant as the title sort of made it look like it may be full of gore and I didn’t feel up to seeing it.

This movie, however, was a pleasant surprise. It starts off with a couple of psycho killers who leave a motel and kill the clerk before leaving. My first instinct was to believe that this movie would be about these two guys going from town to town, just killing people off like flies, without a care or a look behind. We’ve all seen those movies… the been there, done that kind of movie… blood, guts and a bit of yawn.

What actually happens is that these two crazies come to a small town, where mostly everyone is kind and polite and a bit conservative and bully their way in a small restaurant where they get surprised by normally very calm and collected Tom Stall, played by Viggo Mortensen who in a burst of bravado kills them with their own weapon and becomes the town’s hero.

After appearing in the newspapers and on television, Tom must now confront mobsters from Philadelphia who believe he is an ex-mobster and are now harassing him and his family.

Violence runs throughout this movie, but it isn’t in any way gratuitous. I want to say so much about reactions and how events open deep feelings, restrained feelings, but I won’t go any further because such statements wouldn’t make much sense without explanations and it’s too hard to explain without giving anything away, and for once, I really think there should be no spoilers at all. I can say though, that you will probably be completely immersed into this film.

The acting is superb, the direction of this movie is exceptional. This may be perhaps David Cronenberg’s most commercial venture of date, but I must say, it doesn’t make it bland, boring or ordinary. Au contraire, this is one of my favorite movies I have seen this year. I was in awe.

This is Her review, you can read His review here.

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Nothing (2003) – His Review August 20, 2006

Posted by Jinx in Comedy, Fantasy, Movies, Mystery, Sci-Fi.
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Much ado about Nothing

Dir. Vincenzo Natali
Starring David Hewlett, Andrew Miller, Gordon Pinsent etc.,

This review contains no spoilers!

This is not the movie version of Seinfeld, but it is a movie about nothing.

Nothing is the story of two friends who both have the worst day of their lives. Dave is accused of embezzling from his work, he is fired, and his girlfriend dumps him. Andrew gets locked out of the house and ends up accused of molesting a girl scout. To top it off they receive notice that their house is being demolished.

Then nothing happens.

If you enjoy odd movies that deal with pure fantastic elements, you’ll like this movie. It’s not a joke-y comedy, it’s got much more in common with arthouse cinema than National Lampoon, but it is very funny. It gets a bit dark and grim at times, but there’s fun in that too.

I can’t really go into anything more about this movie without ruining at least part of the actual point of it. I hadn’t seen the trailer for it before seeing the movie, and they do give way too much away in it, so you may want to steer clear (link to the trailer in case you just don’t care). I promise, it’s a lot more fun to see this film without knowing what’s gonna happen. And it’s an everflowing source of puns – “What did you watch today?” “Oh, Nothing”.

This is His review, you can read Her review here which doesn’t have spoilers either.

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Nothing (2003) – Her Review August 20, 2006

Posted by Eury in Comedy, Fantasy, Movies, Mystery, Sci-Fi.
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Nothing lasts forever

Dir. Vincenzo Natali
Starring David Hewlett, Andrew Miller, Gordon Pinsent etc.,

David and Andrew have been best friends since they’ve been 9 years old. Neither are popular; Dave is very self-centered and Andrew is afraid of everything. They survive by sticking together. Even as an adult, David (David Hewlett) doesn’t get along well with anyone, except for Andrew (Andrew Miller) work at home travel agent, agoraphobic and pack rat. They live together in a house filled to the brim with lots of junk until one day their lives take a spin for the worse when both are accused of crimes they have not committed. Nothing more of the plot can be told after this without spoiling all the fun, and I really don’t want to do that.

What I can say is this film, written and directed by Vincenzo Natali, who also wrote and directed the famous Canadian cult classic “Cube” is truly “nothing” to scoff at. Natali, quite famous for his grandiose visions that he creates with low-budgets and green/blue screens does not disappoint. This movie is extremely funny, extremely original and like “nothing” I’ve ever seen before and it sort of makes me proud to say that it’s Canadian! Trust me, find this little unknown jewel and let yourself enjoy something truly unique.

This is Her review, you can read His review here

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Mambo Italiano (2003) July 27, 2006

Posted by Jinx in Comedy, Drama, Movies.
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But... I'm italian!

Dir. Émile Gaudreault

Starring Luke Kirby, Ginette Reno, Paul Sorvino, Peter Miller, Claudia Ferri

Comedies that play with prejudice and perception have a good chance of success. They have a lot to build on from the start, and with a good script, it pays off.

In Mambo Italiano we follow Angelo: young, canadian-italian and gay. He’s got some issues right there, and the mix doesn’t exactly make him internally serene. It shakes up his family and his life, there’s heartache and love-loss, but it remains a pretty sweet family flick. I don’t know if that speaks for an altruistic streak in all canadians, or just their film-makers.

For you comparison-buffs out there I would describe this movie as a light-weight blend of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and But I’m a Cheerleader. It doesn’t dodge all of the serious stuff, but puts it in a perspective where you can laugh at it. Alienation and family choke-holds can be pretty funny, trust me.

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Mambo Italiano (2003) July 27, 2006

Posted by Eury in Comedy, Drama, Movies.
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What'sa matter for you?

Dir. Émile Gaudreault

Starring Luke Kirby, Ginette Reno, Paul Sorvino, Peter Miller and Claudia Ferri

I’m coming out,… right now… and admitting that I really liked this movie. For the most part it is filmed in the Italian section of Montreal, St-Leonard. Yes, it’s Canadian but don’t let that scare you off! Lots of good things come out of Canada, including me. 😉
It’s all about a young gay man, Angelo Barberini (Luke Kirby) who decides to tell his parents, Maria and Gino Barberini (played by famous Quebec singer, Ginette Reno and father of the beautiful Mira Sorvino, Paul Sorvino) that he is gay and their journey of coming to grips and accepting his life choice.

What I particularily loved about this movie was how it played with the stereotypes of Italians and their mucho-macho attitudes and how being gay would almost be worse than being dead. Everything is done just a bit over the top, the laughter, the crying, the dramatics… but that’s just the point.. that’s why it’s funny and not just cliché… and when I say, everything, I mean everything… including the wild and crazy wallpaper seen both in the Barberino household as well as at every single therapist (and there are many) that Anna Barberini (Claudio Ferri) consults because everyone in her family is crazy except, of course, her!

If this was simply a big laugh at the Italian community and gays… it may have fell flat on it’s face, but it is not.. it is about family and their love for their son… the thread that keeps this whole movie together and makes it sweet and tender. Their love just shines through the entire movie and although this is basically a comedy, there were moments where I was truly touched.

Keywords: Canadian, Family, Gay

Keywords July 26, 2006

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