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Nightbreed (1990) August 2, 2006

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The Monster Mash

Dir. Clive Barker

Starring: Craig Sheffer, Anner Bobby and David Cronenberg

Aaron Boone (Craig Sheffer) who has terrible, bone-chilling dreams filled with creepy, violent monsters of the night undergoes psychanalysis with Dr. Decker (David Cronenberg). Decker tells him that he is very likely the culprit of many similar crimes that are being discovered and pushes him to give himself up to the authorities.

Without giving too much away, suffice it to say that Boone gets killed but because of an earlier incident in the story, where he visits the place he sees in his dreams, Midian, he comes back to life, but as a creature of the dark, a Nightbreed. Boone, now living in a secret underworld with the craziest, wildest monsters that are not only the living dead but shapeshifters, is pursued relentlessly by the law with the aid of Doctor Decker.

This movie has violence and gore, but none of it is gratuitous, it’s a horror movie, for heck’s sake… and yeah, it’s scary… it’s supposed to be! If you are like me, a wuss, (even though there are a few comical moments) this film is not to be seen alone, I assure you. The plot is well thought out and interesting as it turns on it’s head what is considered normal and makes us re-evaluate what we think and believe is evil and what really may be.

How many times have you read a book and it’s nothing like the movie. Oftentimes, the author of the book is sadly disappointed by how the movie turns out without their say. Not Clive Barker. This dude is smart… he directed this himself and it shows! If you have never read a Clive Barker book, I suggest you pick one up at your local library. The guy has an imagination to rival any author and literally writes 1000+ page tomes. They are jam-packed with imaginative creatures and stories. This film may be only 1 hour 40 minutes long but I assure you it is crammed full of his specialty: otherworldly creatures and places. The way he has structured the movie, even with so much going on, it is still very cohesive and easy to follow.

Although the horror movie genre is not at the top of my list of favorite type of film to watch, this one was smart and had me gripped to the edge of my seat the whole way through.

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Nightbreed (1990) August 2, 2006

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I want one

Dir. Clive Barker

Starring Craig Sheffer, David Cronenberg, Anne Bobby, Doug Bradley

It’s too bad Clive Barker doesn’t get an epic movie made of one of his equally epic dark-fantasy novels. In the movie world he’s best known (usually only known) for Hellraiser, which has deteriorated into a slum of direct-to-dvd trash with little or nothing to do with Barker. This movie gives us a glimpse of what may be possible from a larger scale Barker movie.

Nightbreed is based on the book Cabal, and tells the story of the hopelessly 80’s-style, big-haired, leather-jacketed Boone, who has weird dreams that he can’t really recall. He undergoes hypnotherapy sessions with his psychiatrist (played by an eerie Cronenberg), who tells him Boones dreams of murder may be real.

Boone has a run-in with the law and gets killed. But death is not the end for one of the Nightbreed – the old tribes of species living parallel to humans, hidden from the world, and hunted throughout the ages. Enter the freakshow! As Boone reaches the underground city of Midian, we’re introduced to his kin – a gallery of weirdness straight from Barker’s imagination. There are sidesteps and twists in the story, but the movie keeps the core storyline in a tight grip. There is a natural connection formed with Boone as he learns who he is. The world feels a bit cramped at times, as the sets are just too small to be epic, but it does what it can to suspend the viewers disbelief. The effects are gory, but not out of context, it is in no way a splatter-movie. Well.. maybe a little. It does have plenty of black humour and it knows it’s being silly at times.

I like this movie. It’s in no way a masterpiece, but it’s funny, creepy, and has an unforced feel to it. And Cronenberg is kick-ass (even if he’s just staring blankly most of the time).

This is His review, you can read Her review here.

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Just My Luck (2006) July 27, 2006

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Just My Luck(2006)

Dir. Donald Petrie

Lindsay Lohan, Chris Pine etc.,

Take a girl that’s been born under a lucky star and a guy that is so unlucky he should come with a warning sign that says “Disaster Zone” and you’ve got the foundation for a fun and silly movie.

The movie starts with Ashley Albright (Lindsay Lohan) who is so incredibly lucky that everyday is like winning the lottery; it’s almost as if the world revolves around making her happy. We then get a peek into the world of Jake Hardin (Chris Pine) whose luck is so bad that he walks around with a backpack filled with emergency supplies such as bandaids, antiseptic and even a poncho because not only can disaster strike at any moment, it actually will.

They meet at a masquerade ball and exchange a kiss on the dance floor and this is where the fun begins…they swap both saliva and luck. Jake goes from a guy who has never, ever had anything go right for him, to acquiring a recording contract for a new band (McFly) and even a new apartment, all in the space of a couple days. Ashley on the other hand has several mishaps including losing her job, her clothes and having to move in with her workmates. Maybe I’m just mean, but when she receives a double dose of being splashed by cars, I couldn’t help but be pleased… YEAH!! She really didn’t deserve it but I guess she just had it too good even, for me… money, clothes, job and pretty to boot!

The rest of the movie is pretty much watching Ashley, with the help of her two friends (Samaire Armstrong and Bree Turner) trying to find the guy who kissed her that fateful night so she can get back her lucky streak.

Although I enjoyed this movie because it made me laugh, I wouldn’t actually say it was very romantic. I didn’t find she had much chemistry with her co-star but this may have to do with a script that had her searching for him not because he swept her away but to get rid of her unlucky blues.

If you are looking for an evening of relaxation and fun, then get this movie… if on the otherhand you are also looking for romance too, albeit cliché , then I suggest that you get another movie by the same director:How to lose a Guy in 10 days

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Keywords July 26, 2006

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Just My Luck (2006) July 26, 2006

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Ouch, my contact lense stings!

Dir. Donald Petrie

Starring Lindsay Lohan, Chris Pine

Is the world ready for Chris Pine? Come on, this guy is gonna be huge – the next Freddie Prinze Jr even.


Sorry, that would be the teenage girl in me talking, and this is supposed to be a guys review. Just My Luck is nothing new under the cinema roof, taking cues and plot from a slew of (not to shabby) romantic comedies from yester-year. The biggest problem that this movie has is that it’s not very romantic.

The plot involves up-n-coming business brat Lohan, who just can’t get a break from being lucky, and Pine who lives on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, knee-deep in misfortune. We follow them in their daily routine for a bit, until they inevitably swap luck due to.. umm.. the “turning of the wheel”, in the form of a kiss at a party. After the “fate-rape”, we follow them in their new shoes, and the storyline unfolds as expected.

It doesn’t really click though. Hard to say why really, it’s definitely not bad casting, both leads do well, but for a romantic comedy it just lacks some heat.

Now, the comedy side on the other hand, measures up. This is a funny movie. Some predictable jokes fall short of the punchline, but it got some laughs out of me. The funniest bits are obviously when they get splashed with water. That’s just hilarious. They get all wet and stuff. OK, sarcasm aside, it is good for a fun date night or a pizza dinner at the TV.

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